Project development

The conception of medium and larger projects is based on the sum of all investigations, business decisions, plannings and preparatory construction measures which are necessary to overbuild one or several lands or for preparing any other use.


  • Ideas need capital and locations
  • Locations need ideas and capital
  • Capital needs ideas and locations

Scope of services


  • Land search
  • Lot analysis
  • Preliminary land development review
  • Lease-purchase option – optional/conditional sales contract


  • Operations planning
  • Preliminary project costs
  • Frontdoor approach
  • Backdoor approach


  • Technical inspections
  • Legal audits
  • Regulatory inspections


  • Market analysis
  • Site analysis
  • Use analysis
  • Competitive analysis

Risk assessment

  • Development risk
  • Forecast risk
  • Planning risk
  • Time risk
  • Approval risk
  • Financing risk
  • Land and building risk
  • Cost risk